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Origin HSE is a Supply Nation certified organisation that offers work health and safety (WHS) consultancy solutions with a serious commitment to WHS best practices. Our diverse and high-calibre team will work with you to keep your staff members safe, empowering them as you run a growing, fully compliant business.

We offer local companies an all-encompassing range of WHS consulting solutions, including safety audits, WHS risk assessments, and incident evaluations.

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We Offer a Range of

HSE Risk Management Services

Our simplified processes support your business to achieve the gold standard in health, safety, environment, communities, quality, enterprise risk, and business and board risk. We offer the following WHS services:

Decades of combined experience

One-on-one customer service

Cater to a range of businesses

In-depth reporting available

Professional WHS Retainer

Our retained service can be as straightforward as having Origin HSE on your organisational chart to assist you in meeting client/tender requirements. You also have the option to extend it an hour weekly or monthly for managing your compliance registers and pre-qualification programs. With 24/7 on-call support, we are there when you need us to provide services that let you fulfil your WHS obligations at a fraction of the cost.

Critical Risk Assessment and Management

Risk assessments pinpoint what’s working and what isn’t organisation-wide. As you meet your legal and moral obligations, you’re also reaping the rewards of higher productivity and innovation. Our qualified consultants can design and implement critical risk management frameworks aligned with best practices and client expectations. We’re here to help you create effective WHS management systems, introducing you to a range of modern tools used for WHS statistics management, onsite assessments, and more.

Inspections and Audits

Meet your WHS compliance obligations better while identifying opportunities for optimising business performance at all levels with our inspection and audit service. We help ensure your WHS documentation and systems are effective and get the tick of approval, starting with assisting you on your ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 certifications. Our consultants offer WHS leaders’ mentorship programs and assess safety culture and improvement plans to create a more tailored safety leadership and culture development program within your organisation.

Crisis Management

The unpredictability of a crisis is a challenge all businesses face. However, having an effective crisis management plan can guide you in creating an organisation with a more prepared team ready to respond to an emergency intelligently. And that’s where our qualified consultants come in to help you save time, money and potentially lives with a robust plan for managing crisis and contractor systems. We also provide crisis management training and drills based on the Work Health and Safety Act.

Inspections and Audits

We Also Offer

External Audits

Safety management system audits test your WHS policies and procedures against stringent standards. Our team has the skillset your business requires to prepare for an external audit. We provide a comprehensive assessment of your systems, processes, and records, along with a detailed guide so you can create action reports that meet external audit criteria. To complete this service, we’ll mentor your senior personnel involved with the audit to prepare them for the review.

Tendering Support

Tendering Support

Our experienced team will ensure you meet each tender’s requirements, from the initial audit to gap analysis to document review and preparation. We will also handle sub-contractor assessment and support, as well as safety process evaluation. If there are difficulties in satisfying your client’s safety compliance criteria, we’ll take care of that for you, too. We can attend client meetings and provide direct input to your project-specific WHS management plans when required.

WHS Labour Hire

Do you need skilled WHS professionals onsite? Whether for a short or long term contract, a permanent role, or a complete project team, we can supply you no matter what you require. Our proven recruitment processes and talent, combined with our intimate understanding of your operational and cultural requirements, ensure a seamless, stress-free recruitment journey. We’ll take care of your WHS labour hiring procedure, recruiting WHS managers, advisors, trainers, and auditors, so you don’t have to.

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